Mouse shorcuts

Xavier Otazu xotazu at
Mon May 10 13:46:35 CEST 2004


 >> To be honest, to my taste the only annoying feature of xfce that I
 >> found when working on it, is that I cannot lower a window using my own
 >> mouse shorcut, neither I can customize mouse shorcuts for a faster and
 >> easier desktop use.

 > We generally prefer usable defaults rather than high level of
 > configurability. I'm sure it'll be annoying for the first couple of
 > weeks or so, but I don't think middle-clicking to lower a window is
 > particularly difficult.

Middle-click on title bar is not so difficult, but it is difficult for 
persons with physical disabilities. Title bar area is smaller, and you 
have to spend some time to click on it.

I agree that with few weeks I can be familiar with the default 
behaviour. But, why we can configure keyboard shorcuts but not mouse 
shorcuts? What is the difference?

CDE environtments included the mouse shorcut behaviour since their 
begginings. In fact, xfce has mouse shorcuts defined, like Alt+Button1 
to move, Button2 on title to lower, etc (you only have to look at source 
code). Why developers can define some shorcuts but users cannot?

Mouse and keyboard shorcuts were one of the main reasons I preferred 
work intensely on HP-UX CDE environtment many years ago instead of 
xfwmm95, Gnome or KDE Linux environtments. CDE is simpler, easier and 
faster because of their unlimited possibilities for the user, and 
configurability is one of them. I changed between workspaces, moved 
windows, raised, lowered, iconified, etc, many time before people 
working with Linux. When this feature were introduced in the Linux 
desktop environtments, everybody cheered at this feature!

If developers define some mouse shorcuts (and keyboard), why the user 
cannot define this mouse shorcuts but he/she can define the keyboard ones?

To work in an environtment where user cannot define the most elemental 
interaction rules, is like driving a Ferrari with a stiff metal seat ... 
you cannot drive comfortably neither use the full potential of the 
car... ;-)



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