zh_CN Translation maintainer required

Funda Wang fundawang at linux.net.cn
Sun Mar 28 15:01:43 CEST 2004


I'm a translator of OpenI18N zh_CN team. we zh_CN team have been
maintaining the translation of KDE, GNOME and TP for a long time.

As xfce is growing rapidly in China, we decide to take over the
corresponding translation of xfce. After failed to contact the current
maintainer Yongtao Yang, I turned to your help.

If you would like to assign all the PO translation work into OpenI18N
zh_CN team, following materials are needed:

*  At least two CVS write account to us, One for me, another for our
   coordinator Wang Jian <lark at linux.net.cn>.
*  Inform us which CVS BRANCH we should concentrate on.

PS: Yang, if you can see the message, you can contact me directly.

Many thanx.

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