[request] keyboard shortcut for root menu

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sun Mar 21 06:30:06 CET 2004

you can pop up the menu by running 'xfdesktop -menu' in the CVS version, 
which you can bind to a key using xfwm4's keybindings, or using 
xbindkeys.  if i have time, i'll port it back to the 4.0.x branch, but 
probably not anytime soon.


Wolf Lichtenberger wrote:

>i was wondering if it were possible to have a root menu accessible with keyboard
>shortcuts alone, leaving out the mouse.
>As i understand it, xfdesktop is responsible for raising the menu (xfdeskmenu?)
>on a right click, but xfwm4 does all the keyboard shortcuts handling. So maybe
>i'm barking up the wrong tree here.
>Anyway, coming from the comparatively frugal icewm, where both raising the menu
>and navigating it (with letter keys to entries starting with that letter, plus
>lynx-like folder navigation) was IMHO a very comfortable way to use it.
>So i'd very much like to see it in xfce4, too. Sadly, i'm no coder of sufficient
>caliber, but i still hope that one such does find this interesting enough.

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