[request] keyboard shortcut for root menu

Wolf Lichtenberger wowowolf at web.de
Sun Mar 21 05:24:44 CET 2004


i was wondering if it were possible to have a root menu accessible with keyboard
shortcuts alone, leaving out the mouse.

As i understand it, xfdesktop is responsible for raising the menu (xfdeskmenu?)
on a right click, but xfwm4 does all the keyboard shortcuts handling. So maybe
i'm barking up the wrong tree here.

Anyway, coming from the comparatively frugal icewm, where both raising the menu
and navigating it (with letter keys to entries starting with that letter, plus
lynx-like folder navigation) was IMHO a very comfortable way to use it.

So i'd very much like to see it in xfce4, too. Sadly, i'm no coder of sufficient
caliber, but i still hope that one such does find this interesting enough.

-- Wolf Lichtenberger 
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