New XMMS plugin release

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sat Mar 20 13:57:02 CET 2004

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Patrick, Eoin,
> I just came across the fact that the latest available release of the 
> xmms plugin is kind of outdated. It'd be nice if there could be a new 
> release of the xmms plugin.
> Besides that, I added a configure options to allow the user to choose 
> between linking to xmms or beep media player.

Ok, since I got no response from neither Patrick nor Eoin, I prepared the xmms 
plugin for a new release, adding support for i18n and did some 
rearrangements/cleanups. I'll do the actual release tomorrow. If anybody wants 
to provide translations, send them to me until tomorrow and I'll add them.

Whats new in the plugin since the last tarball release:
  * Added support for beep-media-player. The plugin can now use either xmms or 
beep-media-player (or both, though I can only be linked against one of them)
  * New user interface (another guy sent me ideas for a completely new user 
interface, but that'll have to wait for the next release, if Patrick and Eoin 
are ok with it)
  * Internationalisation

Moritz: I added some german translations. They look good, but you may want to 
verify it ;-)

best regards,

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