Is there a video player that has the option to stay always on the top ?

Ondrej Mihalyi mihalyi at
Sat Mar 20 10:13:29 CET 2004

Hi to all,

I also agree, that these things with windows should be more customizable, and I would really like to know the reasoning for "applications should do it themselves".

I really love xfce for its smoothness and for much more, but what I also like is to be able to customize things as much as possible, and thus with xfce should I grab source and add the features I need to the application code and recompile?  I don't see a point in it.  And you really cannot expect that the application behaves exavtly the same way as users want, so why not to add some common features to window manager, which could be used with all applications?

Another suggestion is to have a program, that says what to do with the applications windows and afterwards starts the application. However, I'm not experienced in these things and maybe it's not possible or something like that already exists.

( I'd really appreciate to start some applications minimized, e.g. firestarter, even not shown in the taskbar, e.g. gnubiff --gtk, because using these applications after startup causes a little mess on my desktop)

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004 04:46:42 +0100
Thomas <tkran2002 at> wrote:

> Hi to all,
> I'm not satisfied with the new xfce standard that I can't change 
> the "stays always on top option" (and other adjustments) I had with xfce3 for windows.
> The argument that the application must support this by itself does not
> convince me. What about the sticky option in each window ?
> Why is this supported but a stays always on top function not ?
> There are some application I wish to do so and not waiting
> until they support it (mplayer for example).
> In my opion the user is more flexible to decide which 
> application/window should have a specific behaviour.
> There are little things different to xfce3 - xfce4 is really fast is a big difference;-).
> Xfce3 has more freedom for the user to decide window behaviour. 
> Now I must eat what is on the table or wait for newer applications ?
> For Linux are many applications created and 
> some will never be updated to have new options.
> What do you think about it ?
> Thomas
> BTW - Is there a trick to make 'window stays always on top'  possible ?
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