crashing apps

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Mar 15 14:55:10 CET 2004

El dom, 14-03-2004 a las 06:02, Jean-François Wauthy escribió:

> i've the same problem with firefox (and previously firebird) and
> evolution (and even when launching it with xfrun4); really weird, i
> "fixed" the problem by setting "term=yes" in the menu but it's annoying.

That's a clue. Maybe if the problem commands were to be wrapped in a
shell (i.e., "/bin/sh -e firefox") the problem would go away. This could
be because the command is indeed a shell script (just guessing). If that
is the case, the exec routine would have to test the command before
issuing the fork to determine whether it is a script or not...


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