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Jean-François Wauthy pollux at
Mon Mar 15 11:16:29 CET 2004

Le lun 15/03/2004 à 03:38, Brian J. Tarricone a écrit :
> hi all-
> just a quick screenie of my latest work on the xfdesktop menu:
> aside from a couple memory leaks, my current gmoduled local tree is back 
> up to the level of features that current CVS has, with the addition of a 
> couple more (see screenie for one of them).
> just have to fix that pesky app crashing problem.  i can somewhat 
> isolate the problem to xfdesktop itself, and not any of the menu code.  
> if i run apps via my new desktop menu panel applet, they don't crash (so 
> it's not in any of the code in the gmodule, methinks).  at least this 
> perhaps narrows it down a bit.
> JF: a few menueditor-related things...  you can add an icon= attribute 
> for the <menu> element.  eh, go ahead and add it to <title> as well - i 
> think it's silly, but it's trivial to add and doesn't really hurt 
> anything. 
ok i'm on it
>  the <include type="system"> has a few other options - style= 
> and unique=.
what can they contain ? boolean, char .... 
>   also, a heads-up - at some point i'm going to go thru and 
> fix some of the english strings.  also, the menu file parser needs to 
> ditch libxml2 and use GMarkup.  if you don't really feel like doing 
> that, let me know and i'll take care of it.  my current tree has parsing 
> code for menu.xml, so you can probably just rip most of that out and 
> modify it for your purposes.  i'll be committing it all to CVS after i 
> fix the memleaks and put out another patch.
i'm waiting for your commit
> thanks,
> brian
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