new xfdesktop screenie

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Mar 15 03:38:10 CET 2004

hi all-
just a quick screenie of my latest work on the xfdesktop menu:
aside from a couple memory leaks, my current gmoduled local tree is back 
up to the level of features that current CVS has, with the addition of a 
couple more (see screenie for one of them).

just have to fix that pesky app crashing problem.  i can somewhat 
isolate the problem to xfdesktop itself, and not any of the menu code.  
if i run apps via my new desktop menu panel applet, they don't crash (so 
it's not in any of the code in the gmodule, methinks).  at least this 
perhaps narrows it down a bit.

JF: a few menueditor-related things...  you can add an icon= attribute 
for the <menu> element.  eh, go ahead and add it to <title> as well - i 
think it's silly, but it's trivial to add and doesn't really hurt 
anything.  the <include type="system"> has a few other options - style= 
and unique=.  also, a heads-up - at some point i'm going to go thru and 
fix some of the english strings.  also, the menu file parser needs to 
ditch libxml2 and use GMarkup.  if you don't really feel like doing 
that, let me know and i'll take care of it.  my current tree has parsing 
code for menu.xml, so you can probably just rip most of that out and 
modify it for your purposes.  i'll be committing it all to CVS after i 
fix the memleaks and put out another patch.


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