desktop entry/launcher drag'n'drop

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sun Mar 7 23:55:55 CET 2004

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

>Op vr 05-03-2004, om 19:59 schreef Brian J. Tarricone:
>>hi all-
>>i started looking into DnD support for the xfdesktop menu.  the plan is 
>>to be able to drag an item from the menu out onto the panel (or later, 
>>the desktop itself).  but before this can work, the panel and xfdesktop 
>>need to agree on a SelectionData format, target/mime type, etc.  this is 
>>the first time i've messed with DnD, so if anyone knows The One Right 
>>Way To Do It, feel free to make suggestions, otherwise i'm going to 
>>make it up as i go along ^_~.
>I have no idea really. I'm hoping it will be as easy as choosing a
>common name for the target, say 'x-desktop-entry'. It's important
>functionality though, that I would really like to see. Also, Eduard's
>xfce4-appfinder should use this for dragging to panel or menu-editor.
that's somewhat amusing, actually...  the target name i came up with off 
the top of my head was indeed 'x-desktop-entry'.  anyway, my local 
xfdesktop tree is a mess, as i'm doing a huge reorg and moving all the 
menu code to a gmodule, plus making the menu interface a bit smarter, 
and then i'm going to write a menu panel plugin...  that should take a 
good week to get sorted out, so i'll start messing with DnD after that i 


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