libxfcegui4: translateable action menu

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Thu Mar 4 12:03:09 CET 2004

Danny Milosavljevic wrote:
> attached a patch for translateable action menu in libxfcegui4.
> Still to be done: po/ directory for actual translations?
> Or we just can leave it non-translateable :)
> I'd attach the file but it doesnt seem to work for some reason...

It does not work, because the "libxfcegui4" gettext domain is never bound. I 
picked up your patch and added the missing po/ directory (treat the de 
translations as _highly experimental_! ;) and a _xfce_i18n_init function that 
is called by all modules, that translate stuff in the "libxfcegui4" domain.

A trial version is available at:

If nobody complains, I'll go about to commit the changes.

> cheers,
>    Danny


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