Xfce 4.1 alpha release?

Olivier fourdan at xfce.org
Thu Jun 24 18:36:23 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 14:30, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Hey no problem, you're still the boss. I've only tried to explain why this 
> issue bugs me.

Yes, as I asked for comments, it's perfectly ok.

We really need a release, writing code is great, but if noone use it,
it's useless. Remember, we've been thru this before, with 4.0 release.

> You said you're not happy with the current status of Xfce, I'm neither. Thats 
> why I'm bugging you with this. I think it doesn't matter when we release 4.2. 
> I think its more important that we are happy with what we release.

Your analysis of MCS is indeed correct, the question is do we rewrite it
before or after 4.2, that's really the question.

> You're right, we kinda lost the direction during the last months and we had 
> quite different opinions on where we want to go. Xfce starts up too slow, 
> which is most notably caused by the session manager (esp. the current splash 
> theme implementation) and the menu parsing code IMHO. But we should keep in 
> mind that Xfce is not GNOME, we don't get paid for our work on Xfce. We all 
> have jobs. We spent our freetime developing for Xfce, because its fun. We 
> cannot keep up with GNOME's release cycles.

Definitely agree. We are not competing with GNOME or KDE in any way (and
we don't have the resources to do so, even if we wanted to!)

I am not advocating in favor of removing any of the recent additions
(the session manager is a great addition, and the menu parsing has been
asked so many times...), but we should now focus on making all this work
better and faster so that we can release the code.

> It'd be nice if you could explain were you want Xfce to go in the future.

I keep wondering, should we keep working on the existing modules and
components or work on new ones. I don't have an answer.

All I want is to keep xfce bloat free, light and fast, keep the fun in
the team, avoid conficts between people; That's really what I want.

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