Xfce 4.1 alpha release?

Olivier fourdan at xfce.org
Thu Jun 24 13:02:57 CEST 2004


> Theres another important point to consider: We will have to break the 
> mcs-manager, sooner or later, and replace it. Currently we have no 3rd party 
> applications that make use of the mcs-manager (e.g. install mcs plugins), so 
> the problems caused by a mcs manager change are minimal. If we now release 4.2 
> with the current mcs-manager, vendors/people could decide that they want to 
> provide additional mcs plugins, and we will cause problems for them when we 
> break the mcs-manager with 4.4.

Well, given that there is noone else contributing code to xfce, there is
no such third party nor any vendor not even considering Xfce, taking
into account thar MCS has never been designed as a general purpose
setting manager, neither it was intended to be used by regular
applications, I am not sure that matters much.

> And another important point: There'll be no easy way to share code between the 
> 4.2 and the 4.4 branch regarding mcs plugins.

So? I t don't get your point here...

> And of course the marketing point: If we hack around the problem, we would 
> probably have to say "Xfce 4.2 supports multi-screen (but it'll probably b0rk 
> your settings, so please wait another year for 4.4)". We already told people 
> that multihead support had to wait for 4.2, they will loose trust in Xfce if 
> we now tell them that they may have to wait for 4.4.

Frankly, I don't think any one cares. there is no such trust, there is
nothing to loose.

I'm not very happy with the current status of Xfce, it takes 45 seconds
to start on my laptop and that's not really in line with the lightweight
desktop I've been trying to built. GNOME starts a lot faster although it
has a lot more features than Xfce. I hardly see why anyone would choose
the current Xfce over GNOME.

As for developpment; I do all that because I found it fun and
interesting. Some recent mails threads shows there are some
"misunderstanding" (to say the least) between some developpers and
myself. I see less and less fun in doing all this.

So? I just tried to put some energy in this project by proposing an
alpha release. A year between two versions releases is about to
discourage any user, not even talking about developpers.

Bahh; never mind. You want to wait more for a release, that's fine with
me. I don't care after all.

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