panel stuff

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Jun 20 20:22:33 CEST 2004

Hey brian,

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hi all-
> jasper, guess this is mainly for you....  i'm working on two things.
> i'd like to be able to DnD items out of the desktop menu and onto the 
> panel, where a launcher will get created.  hooking up the drop signals 
> is fine, but it isn't immediately obvious to me how to have the panel 
> itself create a launcher.  i've looked around in controls.[ch] and 
> item.[ch], but i'm still a little confused.  could you point me in the 
> right direction?

There's currently no way to change contents of a launcher except 
throught the dialog or from xml. That part would have to be written. You 
can also look at add-controls-dialog.c to see how new controls are added 
to the panel. Finding out the location on the panel to add it to may be 
hard as well.

There's a lot of 'legacy' interfaces in the panel that are hard to 
change without breaking plugins. Existing work-arounds will make things 
hard to read as well (controls.c), sorry.

For 4.2 I want to maintain compatibility with old plugins. For 4.4 I 
plan to use a new panel widget and new panel internals to properly 
support DND and hopefully improve the module interface a little (a 
plugin library).

I have a feeling it may be difficult to add this functionality now 
without breaking something, but I'll gladly be proven wrong ;-)

> i was poking around in your new icon code, and i really like it.  it 
> would be really nice if we could use the gtk stock icon stuff for that, 
> but, alas, it doesn't let you create fallbacks.  i'd like to use that 
> stuff in the desktop menu as well (i noticed a few icons of mine 
> disappeared when i ditched my old panel icon dirs and did an update).  
> would you be interested in moving that to libxfcegui4?  i wouldn't mind 
> doing most of the work for that.

Yeah, edscott wanted access to the panel icons as well, so I guess it is 
a suitable addition to libxfcegui4.

We'd need the themed_pixbuf_from_name_list() and the get_pixbuf_by_id(), 
renamed to use an xfce prefix, e.g

xfce_themed_icon_load_from_list (char **names, in size);  // perhaps a 
lookup variant as well?

xfce_themed_icon_load_by_id (int id); // with a list of icon id's

I won't have much time this week, I think, but it should be fairly easy.


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