xfwm4: alt+tab holds the system and probably leaks memory

Olivier fourdan at xfce.org
Sun Jun 20 11:14:22 CEST 2004


xfwm4 grabs the server while cycling. If xmms rely on the X server to
play a sound, then it's rather a bug in xmms (or at least a design
oddity in xmms)

As for a mem leak, I'll check. Last time I checked, valgrind didn't
report any mem leak.


On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 10:55, Eduard Roccatello wrote:
> Hello friends,
> keeping alt+tab pressed hold all the X processes (eg. xmms stop playing
> while pressed). Benny told me it's a linux related issue.
> Memory usage also grow when cycling icons so maybe a mem leak in it.
> Oliver, can you confirm this behaviour?
> Cheers,
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