new xfdesktop finished

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Wed Jun 16 16:09:43 CEST 2004

hi all-

my semi-rewrite of xfdesktop is basically done, and everything appears 
to work.  if i left anything out, please let me know.  bugreports are 
welcome as always.  i really need some xinerama testing.  i've tested 
non-xinerama with Xnest, but "real" testing here would be nice as well.

here's the tarball:
please make sure that you have the latest versions of libxfce4util, 
libxfcegui4, and libxfce4mcs from CVS.  i'm not sure if i set the 
version requirements properly in configure.  don't give me any 
build-time errors unless you've made sure they're up-to-date.

if you don't mind, compile it with --enable-debug=full so bug reports 
will be more useful to me.  remember to restart xfce-mcs-manager after 
you've installed it.

here are the highlights:

new stuff (that CVS doesn't have):
* multiscreen support (both xinerama and non-xinerama)
* menu icon sizing is a bit more intelligent
* "color only" checkbox moved and changed to "show image"
* "don't set backdrop" removed until i can come up with a better way of 
achieving the same effect
* windowlist behavior is a little different with regards to text effects 
on the items
* new defaults (pretty color gradient)

old stuff that's been redone:
* windowlist code mostly rewritten
* backdrop handling is entirely rewritten (except for imagelist code)
* settings-handling code rewritten (in xfdesktop)
* screen-size-change handling (via XRANDR)
* gradient code rewritten to be more efficient and quicker

old stuff that's basically the same
* fortunately, i didn't have to rewrite the menu
* settings plugin only has a few changes

missing stuff:
* "don't set backdrop" support (so xplanet isn't going to work right 
* menueditor - again, i didn't feel like keeping it in sync.  if you 
want menu editing support, install it via xfdesktop CVS.

that's about it, i think.  i'd like to get this in CVS within the next 
day or so, so please test and let me know how it goes - even if it's 
just to say "it works fine!" (yeah, like that'll happen - b0rk b0rk!).


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