Semi-OT: Getting back into programming

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at
Thu Jun 10 13:22:50 CEST 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Biju Chacko wrote:

> > programmer, and that was COBOL on MVS (the first person to laugh get a
> > smack up side the head!)
> hehehehe! *ouch*.

	As an aside, I am putting together something for LWN on
programming languages that you might find interesting.  Don't know when
it'll be ready.
> Well, I find it difficult to use any editor other than vim, so I'm part
> of the vim/xterm crowd. With vim's Project plugin, I find I don't really
> need anything else.

	Got a pointer to where I can get the Project plugin?
> OTOH, Naba (the project lead of Anjuta) is a friend of mine so I tend to
> recommend that when I'm asked about IDEs. It's somewhat tilted towards
> GNOME development, but it's written in GTK and is fairly fast, so I'd
> say that you could use that.

	I have used Anjuta often to edit files for web building (html,
php, perl cgi, etc) but get confused with the whole system when trying to
configure/build a project.  Later last night, after I sent my initial
email, I tried nedit.  It's got a place in the menus for external
commands, one of the preconfigured commands is make (I added tidy to the
list about a week ago).  I had two nedit windows open; one with c source
an one with the Makefile.  The I had ddd open for debugging and an xterm
for final execution tests.  It all seemed to work pretty smoothly.  Maybe
if I get to having a big project with lots of files a real IDE/programming
environment might work better.  I don't know, though, cause it'll likely
take as long to learn the development tool as to just do it manually.  I
have found this to be the case for me when writing html.  I can do more,
faster in vim or nedit than I can in anything like bluefish or quanta or
> You could also try out eclipse. Red Hat has a gcj native-code build that
> is much faster than the java stuff.

	Eclipse has gotten a lot of good reviews.  The only thing about it
is it would be another programming environment I'd have to learn.  I'm
forcing myself to learn C (a language that, let's just say I am
"unenthusiastic" about) I'd rather not have to learn a bunch of other 
stuff on top of that.

	Thanks botsie, I appreciate your comments.

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