[xfwm4] Undocked toolbars

Olivier fourdan at xfce.org
Sat Jun 5 20:30:34 CEST 2004


I don't find the current xfwm4 behaviour faulty with tool/dockbars.. On
the other hand, there is that bug with Open Office I opened a few months
ago that's still under investigation:


I dunno if that related, but that might (actually, I think it is


On Sat, 2004-06-05 at 19:12, Bernhard Walle wrote:
> Hello,
> may applications and toolkits have the ability to undock toolbars and/or
> menubars. You know: Double click on the double-bar and the toolbar is
> not inside the application but outside.
> In xfce4 this is problematic because if you have such docked toobar,
> each time you close a dialog the toolbar gets the focus and not the main
> window.
> The same problem (that's the real point, I never use undocked toolbar)
> is the stylist (F11) or navigator of OpenOffice.
> Other window managers (kwin and metacity of Gnome 2.4) don't have this
> problem. So my question is if the behaviour of xfwm4 cannot be changed
> to avoid the problem. 
> It would be a real usability plus in conjunction with OpenOffice for me
> and maybe others.
> Regards,
> Bernhard
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