Bug in CVS: relocation error

Anton Markov anton at truxtar.com
Fri Jul 30 22:37:03 CEST 2004

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have both the Debian Unstable packages for XFCE (installed in /usr)
and the CVS version (in /usr/local). After I moved
/usr/lib/libxfce4util* to another directory, the CVS xfrun4, xfcalendar,
and xffm run fine.

How can I modify my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to achieve the same effect? I've
tried setting it to "/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib" with no effect. Is the
"/usr/lib" directory hard-coded as the first search path?

Thanks again.

edscott wrote:
> It looks like you are linking with an old version of libxfce4util. This
> link is done dynamically, so the easiest way to fix is to overwrite your
> old version of libxfce4util with the new one, or change your ld path so
> that the new version is found before the old one.
> El jue, 29-07-2004 a las 23:46, Anton Markov escribió:
>>I just downloaded, compiled, and installed XFCE from CVS (as of
>>2004-07-28), and everything seems to be working very well, except three
>>things: xffm, xfcalendar, and xfrun4 refuse to run.
>>anton at anton:~$ xffm
>>xffm: relocation error: xffm: undefined symbol:
>>anton at anton:~$ xfcalendar
>>xfcalendar: relocation error: xfcalendar: undefined symbol:
>>anton at anton~$ xfrun4
>>xfrun4: relocation error: xfrun4: undefined symbol:
>>The errors seem to be related, but I don't know why they happen only in
>>these executables (everything else runs fine).
>>Any help would be appreciated.
>>System info:
>>Processor: Intel P4
>>OS: Debian/Linux Unstable
>>./configure options: none
>>gtk version: 2.0

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