idea for a gaim-xfce integration plugin

ShadowRage mmcburn86 at
Wed Jul 28 02:20:51 CEST 2004

if any of you have seen IMKIT for BeOS/Zeta, it integrates a buddylist into a local folder, and as a menu, well xfce4 could have an add-on like this as well, except less-filesystem dependent.

a good example of a mockup is here:

as you can see, the plugin would look like a typical launcher, except clicking on the gaim icon would hide the gaim window if gaim is running (or if it isnt, it'll start it up and load the buddylist into the menu)
adding buddies via the menu would be like adding programs to a launcher menu. making it integrate with xfce smoothly, and if that isnt enough, an extra to xffm, which would have a "directory" with all the contacts.
this would need gaim installed of course, and a good plugin that would play nicely with gaim and work alongside it.

of course this is only a mockup, a simple idea, I cant code worth shit, however, if anyone finds this idea cool, it would be even cooler to see it done :)

(btw, the whole desktop was done in the GiMP, the toolbar and such were captured from my desktop)

keep up the great work on xfce4!

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