xfce4-terminal 0.0.2 is out

Randy Chung aoshi at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jul 27 18:29:13 CEST 2004

Screen does something like that, although with a different keybinding
(e.g. C-a " for a list of sessions, C-a 1 to go to session 1, see the
man page for more details).  rxvt + screen will give you a lightweight
vt emulator with multiple buffers (with built-in copying between
buffers!).  Very cool :)

Screen's been good to me.  Hopefully you'll find it cool too!



On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 01:18, Don Christensen wrote:
> Antonio SJ Musumeci wrote:
> > Small and fast would be my vote also. Instead of tabs... or in addition 
> > option to.... something like how emacs deals with multible buffers when 
> > run in X mode would be nice. Holding control and clicking left mouse 
> > button brings up a menu with the buffers. That could allow for less 
> > space to be used but give the multi terminal ability. Which would be 
> > nice for example on my 1024x768 development laptop where screen space is 
> > very precious.
> Mentioning a terminal and emacs together gives me visions of a terminal
> emulator that allows me to switch sessions (think "buffers") using the
> standard emacs keybinding C-x b.  Maybe even C-x f to open a new shell
> in a given directory.  That would be cool!  :^)
> -Don

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