xfce4-terminal 0.0.2 is out

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 27 16:25:39 CEST 2004

040727 various people discussed Xterm & a possible Xfce alternative:

recently, i went over to using Konsole (from Xterm) due mainly to fonts.
i have most of KDE installed eg for Konqueror, so Konsole is there anyway.
i've always thought the Xfterm (whatever it's called) was rather silly,
as it looks to a newcomer like a separate app (like Xffm),
but is simply a reference to Xterm (or whatever you choose).
so it makes sense, if someone wants to create a real Xfce terminal.

in a terminal, i don't see the need for tabs, toolbars or menus:
you can simply open more instances & a R-click menu might give a few options.
fonts -- incl varying sizes -- are very important.
also, interface with the session manager (when 4.2 arrives),
st history cb preserved: it sb possible to keep eg  5 K  lines of history,
tho' there mb a problem with multiple terminals & history (last one open?). 

just my  CAD 0,02 .

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