xfce4-terminal 0.0.2 is out

LiNuCe linuce at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 27 03:24:41 CEST 2004

Eduard Roccatello wrote:
>>What is wrong with xterm again?
> It lacks tabs, session support (in a future :-), xft support and so on.
> I like xterm but i prefer something advanced

    Xterm does support Xft. You have to use the "-fa" command line

       # xterm -fa "BitStream Vera Sans Mono:size=10"

    You can also use the "XTerm*faceName" ressource in your Xresources:

       Xterm*faceName: "BitStream Vera Sans Mono:size=10"

    I find it to be more user friendly than specifying the "good old"
XFLD :) You will find more informations on how to specify additional
font properties in the Xft tutorial written by Keith Packard :


    Great thanks to him, Xft is a great thing for X.

    However, all this is not be an obstacle to write xfce4-terminal, I
provide just some usefull informations for people waiting for
xfce4-terminal and using XFTerm4 yet :)

    Some time ago, I used the VTE widget to write a very simple terminal
for my own needs (not tab, just a VTE widget in a GTK+ Window that
launch a shell and quit when the shell exit : the bare minimum). But I
get rid of it as soon as I seriously use it. VTE is slow, especialy when
you scroll while reading a manual page or less'ing some file. Even if
VTE is less slow than before, I prefer a good old XTerm :)

-- LiNuCe

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