wm-properties .desktop file for xfwm4?

Simon Huggins huggie at earth.li
Tue Jul 20 23:26:08 CEST 2004

A user suggested that xfwm4 ship with a .desktop file in order that when
you use it with gnome for instance that you can better configure it if
you ship one.

I've left his comments and the suggested .desktop file below.

I'd package this with xfwm4 in Debian but I'm not sure I should.
Obviously you lot don't ship one but if it allows better integration
then that wouldn't necessarily stop me if I thought it was right.  The
problem I have is I can't see "ConfigExec" or for that matter
SessionManaged and the [WindowManager] part anywhere in the .desktop
spec on www.freedesktop.org.

It semms very gnome specific.  Is this something you'd look to add or is
this something you think is evil, bad and wrong?

I'm just curious as to whether this is likely to become an adopted
standard or not I guess.

> xfwm4 is very good for use as window manager for Gnome2. For convenient
> configuration, gnome-window-properties should call 'xfce-setting-show
> xfwm4'. This can be achieved by creating the file
> /usr/share/gnome/wm-properties/Xfwm4.desktop with content similar to
> this (stolen from sawfish and modified):

,----[ Xfwm4.desktop ]-
| [Desktop Entry]
| Name=Xfwm4
| Exec=xfwm4
| TryExec=xfwm4
| ConfigExec=xfce-setting-show xfwm4
| Terminal=false
| MultipleArgs=false
| [Window Manager]
| SessionManaged=true


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