new icon theme implementation?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sun Jul 18 12:32:38 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> although i really don't want to write a new icon theme parser/searcher, 
> i'm convinced that it's necessary.  what do the rest of you think?  i've 
> come up with a possible API, and i'd like comments on that:
> also, i'd like to add somehing to the UI settings plugin for gtk 2.2 - i 
> want it to register a GtkSettings property called gtk-icon-theme-name 
> (gtk 2.4 has it, but 2.2 doesn't), and i want it to update this property 
> every time the icon theme is changed (gtk 2.4 does this automatically, 
> 2.2 doesn't).  this will allow me to remove the nasty 
> xfce_set_icon_theme_name() hack i'm currently using (and probably 
> doesn't work anyway).

On the one hand, I'm not really convinced with reinventing the wheel and 
writing our own icon theme implementation, but on the other hand, we are 
waiting for the Gtk+ guys to fix their implementation since the early 2.3 days 
and they haven't managed to fix it. And therefore I think its worth the effort 
making our own implementation, I think we can copy most of the code from 
GtkIconTheme, so it shouldn't take us too much time to finish.

One point I'd like to add is that when we write our own implementation, we can 
take things like "default.kde" fallback into account, which was a very nice 
feature of brians old icon code.


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