panel dock type broken

LiNuCe linuce at
Fri Jul 9 14:20:25 CEST 2004


    If I could give my opinion, I would prefer the second option. Why ? 
The current XFCE CVS code set a margin in order to make the panel not 
covered by other windows when they are maximized. The fact is that 
800x600 user (like me) that use the panel and the taskbar at this 
resolution have less space for windows.

    To solve this, I set a 1px top margin (my panel is at top of my 
screen) and let the panel be a "normal windows". When I need it and a 
maximized windows cover it, I just have to click on top of my screen to 
make it appears (because of 1px margin).

    Well, I know what you are going to tell me : "use panel's auto-hide 
option". Yes, that's right, I could do that. But when the panel 
auto-hide itself, there is 3px border (HIDDEN_SIZE value) that overlap 
maximized windows, and window theme using 16px title bar get covered by 
a 3px bar : with 16px title bar, this is very ugly an 800x600. So, I 
could use auto-hide if there is a way to set the panel "height" when it 
auto-hides itself and, in fact, before packaging the panel for myself, I 
change the HIDDEN_SIZE in panel.c. Moreover, when there is no window or 
when all windows are minimized on the current workspace, it's annoying 
to have to unhide the panel to launch something : it would be great if 
it unhide itsel in that particular case.

    Voila, it was my 2 euro cents :)

    P.S. : tell me if this kind of message is not used to be sent to 
this list, sometimes I feel guilty to post such message here.

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Thanks, I cannot agree with you more. I'm afraid I gave in to the pressure too
> soon. To me it makes sense to have the panel as a dock type window.
> On the other hand there are apparently a lot of people who want their panel to
> be covered by other windows.
> I have two options:
> - Make the panel a dock type window. This is my personal preference. It does
>   take away some configurability.
> - Make panel a normal window and use window state ABOVE for always on top.
>   This will possibly make more people happy.
> Other opinions?


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