Building XFCE on Cygwin

Maarten Boekhold boekhold at
Fri Jul 9 13:57:51 CEST 2004

Maarten Boekhold wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>> i spent some time trying to build xfce4 cvs under cygwin.  i got most 
>> of the base pacakges built, but i can't get any .dlls to build.  i 
>> tried adding -no-undefined, but that just spewed out a list of unresolved  

I did some more building, and I now have at least the following 
correctly built, with minimal changes:

libxfce4util            - OK    - libxfce4util/
libxfcegui4             - OK    - libxfcegui4/
libxfce4mcs             - OK    - libxfce4mcs/ (2 places)
xfce-mcs-manager        - OK    - xfce-mcs-manager/
gtk-xfce-engine-2       - OK    - src/
xfce4-appfinder         - OK    - None

But you're right about many shared libraries. For some of them the 
problem might be that they reference symbols in the panel binary 
(mcs-manager as well?). However, it seems to me that many libraries just 
fail to build because they are not linked explicitly against the 
glib/gtk libraries!

For example, libxfce4util has the following in libxfce4util/

libxfce4util_la_LIBADD =                                        \

libxfce4util_la_CFLAGS =                                        \
         -I$(top_srcdir)                                         \

This causes the library to be explicitly linked against the gobject 
library, which satisfies the link requirements of cygwin. However, 
xfce4-session/settings/ doesn't have a LIBADD, and doesn't 
have any additional CFLAGS for glib/gtk, which causes its building to 
fail spectacularly with loads of missing _g_../_gdk_... etc symbols.

I tried adding a LIBADD section to xfce4-session/settings/, 
but either I don't know which automake vars I can use there, or the 
required autoconf support that defines those vars is not present.

Brian, do you know what needs to be added to the various _la_LIBADD and 
_la_CFLAGS sections?

btw. Regarding adding -no-undefined everywhere, originally I was 
planning to add this only to the _la_LDFLAGS when we are on cygwin. But 
one of the cygwin developers told me that this flag doesn't hurt on 
other platforms at all, so we could easily just add it everywhere. How 
do the XFCE developers feel about this?


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