panel dock type broken

Olivier fourdan at
Fri Jul 9 10:37:39 CEST 2004


The panel is still broken in CVS. I fail to see the benefit of changing
the type to normal from dock and vice versa.

Either we choose to set the panel to "dock" and stick with that (and the
"always on top" option is irrelevant), or we choose to set the panel as
a normal window and set the additional states (always on top, skip
pager, skip taskbar etc) manually. 

Anyway, mixing all this like it is now in CVS is conceptually broken
IMO, and won't give any good result...

BTW, struts aren't reserved for docks, you can set struts and partial
struts to any kind of window.

Personnally, I wouldn't mind setting the panel to dock type and remove
the always on top.

 - Olivier Fourdan - fourdan at - - 

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