Applications menu foreground color | Middle mouse button usage

LiNuCe linuce at
Tue Jul 6 07:01:24 CEST 2004


    I just try the latest XFCE4 CVS version and I noticed that the 
Applications menu has problem with foreground color when used with some 
GTK+ theme engine (Bluecurve, Industrial, GTK+ default, ...) :

    - Standard hilighted item foreground color :

    - Panel menu item foreground color :

    - Desktop menu item foreground color :

    I don't really know but it seems this color is "manually" 
initialized by the application that handle this menu as I didn't notice 
this problem elsewhere (IMHO, the best thing would be to not initialize 
this color "manually" and let the theme engine use its standard color).

    Oh, and thanks for this applications menu ! And since I'm at it, 
there is something that feels "strange" with it. Why does it pop up with 
right click on the XFDesktop window ? Why not a standard left click 
which is not used by any function ? Or, if you prefer, why not using the 
left click to get the WindowList menu instead of the middle click ? 
IMHO, middle click should be used when the two other ones are used since 
with 2-buttons mouse, it is more difficult to get it. Just my opinion, 
even if I don't have a 2-button mouse :)


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