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Olivier fourdan at
Mon Jul 5 22:31:31 CEST 2004


The previous workspace being declared static is incompatible with
multiscreen, but that's not very hard to fix. 

The main problem is that I'm not that much convinced that such a patch
is of general use.


On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 21:20, Vebjorn Ljosa wrote:
> I have implemented a tiny, new feature in xfwm4.  First a little
> background:
> I always keep my web browser in workspace 3, and my keyboard has some
> extra keys, one of which is labelled with a symbol for the web.  I
> would like the web key to always switch to workspace 3---except if I'm
> already there, in which case I want it to switch back to the previous
> workspace.  This is useful, for example, when I'm working in a
> different workspace and want to take a quick look at the page that is
> open in the web browser.  I press the web key to take me to the
> browser, and then press it again to take me back.
> I could of course instead have pressed C-F3 to take me to the browser,
> but in order to switch back, I would have had to remember which
> workspace I was working in.  Normally I don't, and I end up going
> through all the workspaces looking for whatever window I was working
> in.
> I have attached a diff against the current CVS version.  I would
> appreciate if one of the xfce developers could commit it.
> The patch updates the default keythemerc file, but if you have your
> own, you will need to add a few lines.  I have the following:
> toggle_workspace_1_key=F17
> toggle_workspace_2_key=none
> toggle_workspace_3_key=F18
> toggle_workspace_4_key=none
> toggle_workspace_5_key=none
> toggle_workspace_6_key=none
> toggle_workspace_7_key=none
> toggle_workspace_8_key=none
> toggle_workspace_9_key=none
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