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Vebjorn Ljosa ljosa-lists-xfce4-dev at
Mon Jul 5 21:20:43 CEST 2004

I have implemented a tiny, new feature in xfwm4.  First a little

I always keep my web browser in workspace 3, and my keyboard has some
extra keys, one of which is labelled with a symbol for the web.  I
would like the web key to always switch to workspace 3---except if I'm
already there, in which case I want it to switch back to the previous
workspace.  This is useful, for example, when I'm working in a
different workspace and want to take a quick look at the page that is
open in the web browser.  I press the web key to take me to the
browser, and then press it again to take me back.

I could of course instead have pressed C-F3 to take me to the browser,
but in order to switch back, I would have had to remember which
workspace I was working in.  Normally I don't, and I end up going
through all the workspaces looking for whatever window I was working

I have attached a diff against the current CVS version.  I would
appreciate if one of the xfce developers could commit it.

The patch updates the default keythemerc file, but if you have your
own, you will need to add a few lines.  I have the following:


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