xfdesktop menu drag and drop?

Josh Howard jrh at zeppelin.net
Mon Jul 5 09:16:53 CEST 2004

Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at xfce.org> writes:

> It might be nice to add a button to start the appfinder; that would
> make it more obvious. But perhaps that would give too much clutter in
> the dialog. I agree DND from the menu is entirely non-obvious ;)

I can't really think of any major GUIs out there where the menu is
drag and drop... it seems on the surface like a nifty feature, but is
it practical or something that the user expects to happen? I think
most UIs support holding down the mouse button on an item and the
thing launching when you release the button. In this case, what I get
is a draggable object which doesn't fit in with the usual expectation
of menus when 'changing your mind'; I think the usual is that you then
can just keep moving while the mouse button is pressed and choose 
something else. I'm not sure I explained that very clearly, but
whatever the case, this behavior seems a little confusing and goes
against most of the common UI behavior I've seen.
I haven't checked out the GTK DnD API very thoroughly, but is there a
way to restrict it to a certain mouse button? I don't think button one is
a very good choice for dragging and dropping off of something like a

I think the most useful feature for DnD menus would be something more
like dragging a 'file' from xffm to the menu... but I'm not sure how
practical or useful that is. Or perhaps this appfinder program, which
I haven't really played with much.

Josh Howard <jrh at zeppelin.net>

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