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edscott wilson garcia edscott at xfce.org
Thu Jul 1 19:18:30 CEST 2004

Hi Francois,

Cool theme :-)

But there is a mistake in the README. The mimefile it would use on
overwritting the Xfce icons directory is the "plain" theme, but all the
icon names indicate it is a "gnome-similar" theme. (On your local box
you probably have saved with xfmime-edit and are overridding the

I have just added the file Rodent.mime.xml to xffm-icons CVS, so that 
you can change the README to:


All "fixed" icons will be replaced by selecting the "Rodent" theme from the 
xffm menu (if xffm-icons is installed). Other icons used by xffm are gtk stock icons.
You may have to restart xffm after changing themes for all changes to take effect.

If package "xffm-icons" is not installed, copy 

Rodent.mime.xml -->  $DATADIR/xfce4/mime/Rodent.mime.xml

and proceed as above.


To modify the Rodent.mime.xml with xfmime-edit, please note that when
you save the file it will be written to a file in
$HOME/.xfce4/some_thing_or_other_Rodent.mime.xml which will always
overrride the default. Copy this file to 
xfce4/xffm-icons/iconthemes/Rodent.mime.xml to commit to CVS if you
change it (your gnome.mime.xml might not be the same as mine ;-)



El mié, 30-06-2004 a las 10:38, Francois Le Clainche escribió:
> Hi,
> FYI, I've released an icon theme called Rodent.
> http://perso.wanadoo.fr/flc.web/xfce/snapshot.png
> http://perso.wanadoo.fr/flc.web/xfce/README.txt
> TARBALL (~1M):
> http://perso.wanadoo.fr/flc.web/xfce/Rodent-0.2.tar.gz
> For my defence, I'm not an artist.
> Cheers
> François

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