Multiple Displays - not xinerama

Chris Greenman sol-pkgs at
Mon Jan 26 16:58:44 CET 2004

Hello all, 
	Are there any plans to add support for multiple, independent displays
like xfce 3 had?  Currently the only way I can run XFCE on dual headed
Sun Ultra 10 is with a custom .xinitrc script the starts the usual
stuff, changes the DISPLAY variable, then starts the stuff again.  There
are a few problems with this method though.

1.  Logging out must be done from display 0.0.  Logging out from 0.1
does nothing.
2.  You can't (easily) maintain different xfce4-panel configurations.
3.  This method does not work with xfce4-session.  

When using xfce4-session I have to start up just a single display then
open an xterm, change $DISPLAY, then finish bringing up the second
display.  I tried changing the default.session to do the display
changing but it doesn't work.  I get errors complaining that "such and
such" is already running on that display.  Saving a running session with
both displays up also causes the same error when I log out and back in.


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