xfce4-session under Solaris

Jesse Wagner beansack at fastmail.fm
Fri Jan 16 18:01:26 CET 2004

Some packagers have taken it upon themselves to put along a CVS snapshot
of xfce4-session with their 4.0.x releases.

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:27:19 -0800, "Chris Greenman"
<sol-pkgs at ckgreenman.net> said:
> Ok this is wierd.  I have never downloaded xfce4-session by itself and
> I've only installed xfce 4.x from sources downloaded from xfce.org.  Now
> you have me wondering why I even have it on my machine :-).  I also
> can't even find the sources for it.
> I must be losing my mind,
> Chris

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