xfce4-session under Solaris

Chris Greenman sol-pkgs at ckgreenman.net
Thu Jan 15 21:56:49 CET 2004

Hello,  I'm having trouble runnig xfce4-session under Solaris.  The
problem I'm having is that when I try to logout using the xfce-panel
button, all it seems to do is kill the panel and nothing else.  The only
way to logout at that point is to open an xterm and kill xfce4-session.

I understand (after talking with Craig Betts) that this is a known issue
and was wondering if anyone has any suggestion what might be causing the

I'm running the latest distribution ( under Solaris 9.


BTW the for Solaris packages will be available as soon as I get
a chance to test the installation script (probably tonight).


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