Registered Categories as per Freedesktop Menu Specification 0.8

Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at
Mon Jan 12 03:17:01 CET 2004


Attached a cache generator for menu categories, a source xml, a target


generates xfce-registered-categories-cache.xml from

Mini description at the top of

A menu parser would:
- parse desktop files:
- for each desktop file:
- strdup dentry.categories
- order dentry.categories the same as <category > entries are ordered in
xfce-registered-categories-cache.xml (if said category present there) 
- order userdefined categories (i.e. not present in xml) last,
- for each category in ordered dentry.categories:
- paths += get paths for category from cache or generate "/Others" path

- for each path in paths.removedupes():
- add item(path + "/" +

And this would generate a pretty menu with lots of icons and short too

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