XFCalendar: Transient window

Mickael Graf korbinus at lunar-linux.org
Sun Jan 11 01:09:21 CET 2004

Hi Bernhard

It's not a bug, it's a feature :-)

I didn't want the child windows to cover the calendar, because I thought 
it's good to be able by default to look at the whole month while an 
appointment window is open.

Well, I'll think more about this issue.


Bernhard Walle wrote:
> Hello,
> I just tired out xfcalendar. What I really don't like is popping-up
> dialogs that are not centered but placed somewhere on the screen.
> I looked in the sourcecode and the reason is that 
> gtk_window_set_transient_for() calls are missing. According to the
> documentation:
> ,----
> | Dialog windows should be set transient for the main application window
> | they were spawned from. This allows window managers to e.g. keep the
> | dialog on top of the main window, or center the dialog over the main
> | window. gtk_dialog_new_with_buttons() and other convenience functions in
> | GTK+ will sometimes call gtk_window_set_transient_for() on your behalf.
> `----
> I don't write a patch since it is Glade generated source code. Can you
> change this in the next release, though. In my opinion, missing 
> gtk_window_set_transient_for() calls are a bug. You can also use the
> other "constructor" that has a parent parameter.
> Regards,
> Bernhard

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