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Sat Jan 10 22:44:50 CET 2004

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Olivier Fourdan wrote:
| Hi Chuck,
| On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 07:29, Chuck Mead wrote:
|>The solution was to do the folowing in the build section:
|>/bin/touch NEWS
|>/usr/bin/libtoolize --force
|>make %{?smp_mflags} LIBTOOL=/usr/bin/libtool
| Are all parts really needed?

This is the only combination that worked. I tried for almost 16 hours so
once I found something that worked I stopped (as you might well imagine).

| We use a version of libtool that is patched for being (or said to be)
| compatible with Mac OS-X. Rerunning all this everytime the RPM is
| rebuilt would break such things.

I dunno from MAC OSX.

| Another point is that adds another "rpmbuild" dependency on these tools.

Yes I know. We will see how much of what I did is adopted by the
internal folks at RH.

| I, however, don't see anything wrong with using the make flags you
| mentionned. I clearly need a bit more of info.
| Another point, did you try xfce4 on a x86_64 system?

I am running it right now... in fact I am typing this message from it.

| I'm asking that because of that bug:
| And I would like to know if you see any similar problem on x86_64.

I did have that problem initially but not anymore. What I did with the
build fixed it. The problem appears to be that the "creating system's"
libtools do not know anything about /usr/lib64 dir and what I do in the
build fixes it so that the lib's are found and can link properly. The
upshot is that the system was only making static lib's! There were no
.so's being created.

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