xfce4-session troubles with conf ?

iSteve isteve at rulez.cz
Sat Jan 10 10:13:22 CET 2004

Umm, I've noticed some very odd thing with the xfce4-session ...

... when I have some xterms, xchat, xmms, licq and firebird ...
  - it won't run firebird (I suppose coz the binary listed in process 
list isn't the one that is in fact executed by user)
  - It will place xmms on the actual desktop, not the one where it was 
before (probably coz it doesn't have window decorations ? but I can move 
the xmms thru graphical pager)
  - Won't run licq (imho same reason as firebird)
  - And most important, sometimes it 'forgets' to run some xterm, while 
the xterm itself is in the xml conf ... However, when xfce4-session 
stops running all the programs, when I run xterm, it moves to the exact 
position as it should be (and as it was in the conf), not on 
actualdesktop/topleft ...

I suppose either somehow make it not 'forget';) or clear up the xml conf 
after it is done running the applications ?

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