patch for xfce4-panel

Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at
Fri Jan 9 22:11:43 CET 2004


Am Fre, den 09.01.2004 schrieb edscott wilson garcia um 21:36:
> On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 14:17, Danny Milosavljevic wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Am Fre, den 09.01.2004 schrieb edscott wilson garcia um 05:20:
> > > [.... combo history & autocompletion patch...]
> > 
> > Some Q's ...
> > 
> > Is there any way to get a history line into the combo list by default
> > (i.e. the dropdown) ? ("xfce4-mixer")
> Yes, just use XFC_set_entry(combo_info,"xfce4-mixer"); instead of    
> XFC_set_blank(combo_info);

Ehm, will that 
  - just add to the list or
  - just change the entry or
  - both ?

Point being, previously the mixer didn't have its "internal window" in
an external app... so users of the 4.0 mixer will not know what the
previously internal mixer is called now.
However, I do not want to clobber (i.e. override) the users settings by
forcing them into the internal mixer, but I want the (previously)
internal mixer to be in the list of possibilities, as if they called it
before, which they probably did (the internal version). 

  - user uses 4.0 (has mixer window integrated into plugin)
  - user sets in mixer plugin prefs that he wants aumix
  - user updates to head
  - user wants to use (or try) (previously) "internal" mixer, goes to
preferences, sees "hey it isnt there anymore", when in fact it is, just
named "xfce4-mixer" and external now.

> If you do not use either, then you will get a the last element in
> history with a combo list of the most visited items in history.

I see, well, by default, it should be the text he set in the preferences
the last time, shouldn't it?

> > 
> > If I am in a panel plugin, do I have to exec load_xfc / unload_xfc again
> > ?
> > 
> If you are using the dialog from item_dialog.c, no. If you are using a
> different dialog, then yes because the item_dialog patch unloads the
> module on closing the dialog. You will also need to put in the check for
> libdbh and link to dbh so that module loading is possible. See changes
> in the patch for and

ok, i think a mini api from the panel for the plugins for command
entries is required here, as this gets unneccessary complex&duplicating,
see other mail to jasper :)


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