mcs: list as value; dbh: mini-intro, automake

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Tue Jan 6 13:27:51 CET 2004

Op di 06-01-2004, om 13:07 schreef Danny Milosavljevic:
> Hi !
> In my ongoing quest of breaking the mixer, I need some helppp :)
> Firstly, I want to store a list of "useful controls" per mixer device in
> mcs. The gui part is already in HEAD, have a look and you will
> understand.
> I know how to store single values, but how to store a list ? 

Use a string, e.g. "1:2:23:23456".

> Then I'd need a very short intro to dbh... any places I can look?
> The reason is that I want to check for each control I create if it is in
> the "useful controls" set. i.e. often.

Look at xfcalendar or xffm.

> I'd need the automake stuffy to add dbh dependency to xfce4-mixer and
> use it in the src/ dir too.

If it supports pkg-config it is easy:


or something similar.

> And can I get the mcs manager connection from the panel in a plugin?
> Like Control *control; control->manager ? ;)

Well, for starters, it's a client connection of course, so
panel.mcs_client would be more appropriate ;-) And secondly, no, that is
not currently possible. Why do you want it?


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