KDE system tray support

iSteve isteve at rulez.cz
Mon Jan 5 18:44:17 CET 2004

Ah, thanks a lot :)

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> iSteve wrote:
>> About the KDE tray itself ... I wonder, why rather don't make a plugin 
>> for xfce panel, that would be a 'container' for the kde tray icon ? so 
>> neither wm, nor any libs has to be changed ... (maybe just a stupid 
>> question, if yes, then please slap me with explanation :)
> The so called "KDE tray icon protocol" is a rather stupid thing. Every 
> usable (and working) implementation requires support from the window 
> manager. In other words: The "KDE tray icon protocol" sucks :-)
> Benedikt

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