4.2.0? dare i say it?

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Thu Dec 30 09:54:25 CET 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hi all,
> so 4.2rc3 has been out for about a week, and it doesn't appear to have 
> any major problems (that have been reported, anyway).  the only 
> potential red flags i see are bugs 607 and 619, which may or may not be 
> blockers.  619 by itself shouldn't be a blocker, but fixing it may 
> require some risky changes to xfwm4 (i dunno, so safer to be 
> conservative).  607 seems to be an isolated case; i haven't heard of it 
> otherwise.
> so, barring further complications, what do we think of releasing 
> 4.2.0-final after new year's, say on the weekend of the 8th?  that gives 
> another week and a half for other problems to appear or to fix some 
> trivial bugs.

Yeah, this is what I had in mind as well. Or maybe have the tarballs 
ready for packagers on the 8th and have another week to create and test 
binaries. This is a .0 release after all and we should make sure 
everything works completely as expected. Benny?

We should make a list of what we need for the release. From the top of 
my head:

* Check documentation: version numbers and bugzilla references (don't 
claim xfce4-dev is the preferred method of reporting bugs). I'll do that.

* Website update. Francois has most of this ready I think (?).

* List of mirrors, so we can notify them before release. I think we have 
that too.

* Release notes. Ahem, we are not very good at this, generally. For a 
new stable branch we could do with a bit of PR. Some translated versions 
might be nice as well. No idea how to go about doing this properly.


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