UI settings plugin pre-selecting incorrect theme

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Dec 21 09:28:00 CET 2004

hey all,

i noticed somewhat recently that the UI settings plugin is b0rked.  when 
you open it up, it pre-selects the gtk theme and icon theme 
incorrectly.  for me, it seems that the gtk theme is always 2 items 
below the correct one, and the icon theme is somewhat random.  could it 
have something to do with the sort function?  i tried messing around 
with it, setting the sort function after the item gets set, or before, 
and a few other things, but it's not correct.  despite the fact that 
GtkTreeRowReferences are supposed to be persistent no matter what, it 
appears to be breaking in lieu of the sort.  anybody have any ideas?  
methinks this should get fixed before RC3.


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