Xfce 4.2 RC1: Firefox fullscreen behaviour

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Sun Dec 12 22:04:31 CET 2004


Your version of firefox doesn't use EWHM hints to achieve fullscreen
(mine does, but I compiled it with GTK2, don't know if that make a

Anyway, use Alt+F22 to force real fullscreen (and that works with any
application that can be as wide as the size of your screen)


On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 09:15 -0500, Michael Reid wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently downloaded the installers from os-cillation.com and installed
> this new release candidate.
> I must say I am impressed, the improvements over 4.0 are great. I have
> encountered some weird behaviour from xfwm4:
> When I try and use Firefox's fullscreen mode (by hitting F11), the
> window isn't quite fullscreen, rather it is offset from the left side of
> the screen by the size of the left margin I set by "Workspace Settings".
> To see what I mean take a look here:
> http://www.scs.ryerson.ca/~m6reid/firefox-issue.jpg
> The panel is visible, which it shouldn't be, the entire screen should be
> covered with Firefox.
> I found a couple of posts here in the past about an issue similar to
> this, although not with Firefox specifically, and nothing about
> v4.2-RC1.
> I recognize this might be a problem with Firefox, (as GNOME's browser
> Epiphany, works correctly in its fullscreen mode) but I am not sure
> whether the problem comes from xfwm4 or Firefox..
> Has anyone experienced something similar, or does anyone know what could
> be causing this?
> Thanks,
> -Mike.
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