Xfce 4.2 RC1: Firefox fullscreen behaviour

Michael Reid m6reid at scs.ryerson.ca
Sun Dec 12 15:15:10 CET 2004


I recently downloaded the installers from os-cillation.com and installed
this new release candidate.

I must say I am impressed, the improvements over 4.0 are great. I have
encountered some weird behaviour from xfwm4:

When I try and use Firefox's fullscreen mode (by hitting F11), the
window isn't quite fullscreen, rather it is offset from the left side of
the screen by the size of the left margin I set by "Workspace Settings".
To see what I mean take a look here:


The panel is visible, which it shouldn't be, the entire screen should be
covered with Firefox.

I found a couple of posts here in the past about an issue similar to
this, although not with Firefox specifically, and nothing about

I recognize this might be a problem with Firefox, (as GNOME's browser
Epiphany, works correctly in its fullscreen mode) but I am not sure
whether the problem comes from xfwm4 or Firefox..

Has anyone experienced something similar, or does anyone know what could
be causing this?


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