xfce4-icon-theme package dupe

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Aug 30 01:27:43 CEST 2004

edscott wrote:

>El sáb, 28-08-2004 a las 21:14, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:
>>nevermind, i just noticed it's a symlink, which i presume is there for 
>>some good reason...
>Still temporary. I was waiting for you to finish the icontheme code to
>use it for the mime-icons module. The duplication caught my attention in
>the respect that Francois duplicated almost all svg icons as png icons
>in the 48x48. There is an issue with this:
>At xfce-icontheme.c you choose svg over png: duplicating png icons is
>then useless.
>But libxfcegui4 is missing a dependency, since gtk2.2 will not render
>svg icons unless libsvg is installed.
>I see several options to keep things tidy:
>1- During configure, if gtk<2.4, then require libsvg. Duplicated png
>icons in the Rodent theme are eliminated.
>2- During configure, if gtk<2.4, then check for libsvg (this is already
>done in part). If libsvg is not found, change the preference order with
>a #ifdef HAVE_LIBRSVG, #else, #endif).  Duplicated png icons in the
>Rodent theme remain. This is not the simplest solution.
>3- Create a separate directory for Rodent-png (not a symlink) to have 2
>Rodent themes. This option probably sucks.
>4- Allow the application to specify the svg/png order of preference,
>thus the check for libsvg/gtk2.4 is left to the application. This option
>sucks too, IMO.
>What do you think?
none of the above.  we should go what everyone else does, in which case 
we include both the .svg and .png files in the same theme, and prefer 
svg (if support is available) over png.  this is what XfceIconTheme 
does.  its API is extension-neutral (in fact, if you give it an 
extension, it will ignore it).  actually, it occurs to me that i think 
there might be a bug that causes it to return svg images even if gdk 
doesn't support them.  i'll have to figure out how to test for that at 
runtime without killing performance.

doesn't gtk 2.4 also require librsvg as well?  from what i see on my 
machine, gtk 2.4 doesn't install an svg pixbuf loader.  librsvg is still 
responsible for that.


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