xfce4-icon-theme package dupe

edscott edscott at prodigy.net.mx
Sun Aug 29 16:27:24 CEST 2004

El sáb, 28-08-2004 a las 21:14, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:
> nevermind, i just noticed it's a symlink, which i presume is there for 
> some good reason...

Still temporary. I was waiting for you to finish the icontheme code to
use it for the mime-icons module. The duplication caught my attention in
the respect that Francois duplicated almost all svg icons as png icons
in the 48x48. There is an issue with this:

At xfce-icontheme.c you choose svg over png: duplicating png icons is
then useless.

But libxfcegui4 is missing a dependency, since gtk2.2 will not render
svg icons unless libsvg is installed.

I see several options to keep things tidy:

1- During configure, if gtk<2.4, then require libsvg. Duplicated png
icons in the Rodent theme are eliminated.

2- During configure, if gtk<2.4, then check for libsvg (this is already
done in part). If libsvg is not found, change the preference order with
a #ifdef HAVE_LIBRSVG, #else, #endif).  Duplicated png icons in the
Rodent theme remain. This is not the simplest solution.

3- Create a separate directory for Rodent-png (not a symlink) to have 2
Rodent themes. This option probably sucks.

4- Allow the application to specify the svg/png order of preference,
thus the check for libsvg/gtk2.4 is left to the application. This option
sucks too, IMO.

What do you think?



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