Rodent icons

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Aug 22 17:24:36 CEST 2004

edscott wrote:
> El dom, 22-08-2004 a las 09:16, Jasper Huijsmans escribió:
>>Benedikt Meurer wrote:
>>>edscott wrote:
>>>>Hi all,
>>>>  As you recall, no one opposed the idea of making Francois' Rodent
>>>>theme the default  icon theme. At current CVS they are located in the
>>>>xffm-icons directory, but the code which accesses most of them is at
>>>>libxfcegui (mime-icons module) but there is no dependency and probably
>>>>should not be.
>>>>  Does anyone have any strong objection to my moving these icons from
>>>>xffm-icons to libxfcegui4? 
>>>I don't think moving them to libxfcegui4 is a good idea. There should be 
>>>a separate package xfce4-icon-theme(s) that contains the icons and 
>>>installs them in their standard location ($datadir/icons/$theme).
>>Applications should install their default icons in the hicolor theme and 
>>not depend on the availability of any icon theme.
> Agreed. But the Rodent icon set does not belong to any application in
> particular. It has mime icons, stock icons, and practically all the
> icons for all applications (right Francois?). 
> Xffm, installs fallback icons someplace else. OK, I'll change that
> someplace else to the highcolor theme. Changing the fallback theme
> (fallback, not default) to the Rodent theme would practically put 80-90%
> of the such theme into highcolor theme. Probably not a Good Thing.
> Benny's idea sounds so much better.
>>Yeah, that means the panel fallback icons need to be changed to copies 
>>from Rodent as well.
> I'm not too keen on copies, unless they are few and far between. The
> panel should have no problem thus.

Why have a different fallback theme if we prefer Rodent?

It may be different for mime icons and others that can be used by more 
than one program, but for the panel it simply means that the rodent 
theme does not need to contain the panel icons, because they are already 

I really wouldn't want us to depend on yet another package. On the other 
hand I wouldn't know where to fit the icon theme in our current 
packages, so it may be alright.


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